Green Fund Applications

on Monday, 15 October 2012. Posted in funding, featured posts

Green Fund Applications

The Department of Environmental Affairs and the Development Bank of South Africa have put out a request for proposals for funding from their Green Fund. This request is applicable to municipalities, provincial and national government, private sector institutions, research organisations, NGO's and other interested parties. The proposals will be considered within the three areas of:

1.) Green Cities and Towns

2.) Low carbon economy

3.) Environmental and Natural Resource Management

The closing date is the 24th of October. Please find attached the necessary documentations

Download <<<< Application Guidelines Green Fund.pdf

Download <<<< Call for Proposals Green Fund.pdf

Provincial RFI Solar PV Roof Top

on Tuesday, 18 September 2012. Posted in Solar

 Provincial RFI Solar PV Roof Top

The Movement towards renewable energy generation globally and in South Africa is one that is gathering momentum with in many instances South Africa finding itself one step behind in the opportunities that are presenting themselves in the Renewable Energy Market. One field of this Renewable Energy Market is the Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) Market and in particular the Rooftop PV market. If one consults with data on solar radiation for the Province of KwaZulu Natal the trends indicate  that there is sufficient radiation for the successful implementation of a solar PV projects in the province. Although many of these PV projects may take place in the form of on the ground PV farms, global trends as well as interest in KZN from oversea investors indicate a growing appetite for rooftop PV installations. Across Europe and in many
Developing countries the trends are showing that Governments are Viewing rooftop PV installations as an effective way to generate electricity without the need for new
Construction or space  requirements.